Award season is in full swing so we are used to seeing stars walking down the red carpet. At the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, it is a different story.

I stayed at the famous hotel earlier last month when I was in town with other radio representatives for a St. Jude seminar. I did not know at the time why everyone was gathering around but I certainly was not expecting what I saw next!

Apparently, the hotel is famous for their ducks. In a tradition that dates back to the 1930s, ducks grace the fancy fountain in the hotel lobby.

The group of 5, which don't have names but are celebrities in their own right, waltz down to the fountain once a day with the help of the "Peabody Duckmaster" and back up again after a few hours.

When they aren't splashing around in the hotel's main area, they are hanging out in the Royal Duck Palace. It is a $200,000 area on the rooftop of the hotel that a duck-size replica of a room and some grass.

The ducks are so famous, they have appeared on Oprah and in People Magazine, just to name a few. It's definitely not something you see everyday! Watch the ducks in action above.

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