Don't mess with Dayton, Ohio meteorologist Jamie Simpson!  When dangerous weather recently hit his area, he broke into "The Bachelorette" to issue warnings, which angered some viewers.  Simpson would have none of it.

Tornadoes were approaching the viewing area, putting viewers in danger.  Of course, when that happens it is the responsibility of local meteorologists to do whatever it takes to share where the storms are tracking and to share warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

Jamie Simpson did just that.  However, several viewers took to social media to demand "The Bachelorette" be put back on and to stop the weather reporting.  Some even claimed he was only on the air to satisfy his ego.

Simpson hit his boiling point and reacted in real time to those comments and who could blame him?  This was serious weather and people needed to take shelter.  Providing that information is far more important than watching make out sessions on "The Bachelorette".

I'm sure his response drew applause from meteorologists from around the country who would love to have a moment such as this.

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