Jon Pardi is best known for having a little dirt on his boots but now, he's slowing things down.

For the fourth and final single off his stellar "California Sunrise" album, the country star is taking things slow and changing it up.

On the newly-released tune, Pardi sings about trying to move on from an ex. He croons about being able to do anything and everything life throws his way as long as the one who broke his heart isn't mentioned.

It's no secret he is my favorite, but bias aside, I am very excited he decided to release this song. His latest album is jam-packed with hits. There isn't a bad song on the thing. He has a few slow songs but this is the one that stands out above the rest. It has little production and lets his vocals shine. I am a HUGE fan of all his upbeat hits but I love when any artist throws us a curveball. This is what that song does to those who only know the country star from the radio.

Before it was released as a single, CMA's New Artist Of The Year performed the song acoustically. Watch the amazing performance above.

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