My family always had a real tree.  We use to go out on a friend's land in Holyoke and cut a fresh one down.  Ah, family memories.  According to Mail Online, experts are saying real trees could be the reason for sickness in your household.

If you're feeling lethargic or having problems breathing, it might be down to your Christmas tree.

Scientists have discovered a range of health complaints including coughing, wheezing, lethargy and insomnia can be attributed to the festive centrepiece.

The condition, known as the Christmas Tree Syndrome, is caused from mould spores and was discovered by a team from Upstate Medical University in New York after they noticed a peak in respiratory problems during December.

To test the theory they examined clippings from 28 trees, including needles and bark, and found 53 cases of mold.  Seventy per cent of these were responsible for causing symptoms like fatigue, chest pains, sinus congestion, itchy nose and shortness of breath.

Some forms of the mold can also cause long term breathing problems and conditions like pneumonia or bronchitis.

To avoid the situation, try an artificial tree instead.

Info via:  Mail Online




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