Episode 10 ended with a bang and ramped up with some excitement with the "walker bomb" (truckload of walkers sent into the prison yard) and the gunfight between The Governor and Rick's Gang.  It set the stage for what we thought would be an exciting episode 11.  Turns out last night's episode was more of a set up episode again.

We did see some things finally happen such as Andrea finally meeting up with the rest of the group for the first time since season 2's finale.  It was kind of strange to realize that she had missed out on so much.  Shane's death was a big one, we almost assumed that everyone knew, but Andrea wasn't there in the aftermath of all the chaos with the farm being over run.  In a way, it brought us back and had us relive those scenes from the dramatic season 2 finale.

Michonne and Andrea had words.  It wasn't the reunion we hoped for.  At what point Michonne says, "You picked a warm bed over a friend."  Can't really argue with her there.  Carol told Andrea to kill The Governor in his sleep and end all of this.  Andrea had the chance and decided to let him live.  She must still love him or the idea of Woodbury.  Either way we knew she wasn't going to do it.  There has to be a confrontation between the two groups in this show.

The big twist comes when Tyrees' group stumbles on Woodbury and is welcomed in by The Governor.  We get the same speech again that he originally gave Andrea and Michonne.  You're free to stay or go.  (Suuure)  It comes to light that they just came from the prison.  Now The Governor will know how to get in and the layout.  That's not good for Rick's group.  Oh, and way to go Rick for kicking out and ticking these guys off.  You've created a problem as a result of your unstable mind.

Which brings us to Carl and Herschel both confronting Rick and telling him to get his crap together.  Yeah he's been through a lot, but that doesn't matter when it comes down to brass tacks!  You've got a job to do Rick.  Get it together.

Another few short thoughts:

  • I know there isn't much room for fashion in the zombie apocalypse, but Milton's plaid striped shirt was distracting.  I kept looking at it trying to figure out what the heck kind of shirt is that!  I know... random.  But it was something I noticed.
  • Merle did cause some tension being back with the group, but at least he kinda somewhat apologized to Michonne.  I don't think she accepted it.  But hey, the redneck at least has cooled his jets a bit.
  • If Andrea doesn't stand up to The Governor and help out Rick's group, she deserves to die off from the show.  I'm getting sick of her being wishy washy.  She was with the other group for 2 years, and in bed with The Governor for a lot less time than that.

Next episode looks like it will be action packed.  The promo shows Rick, Michonne, and Carl running into a bunch of walkers on a recon mission, and some strangers.  Let's hope it picks up a little bit next week.

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