Last night's episode was a big one for me.  I've been dying to know about what happened to Morgan and his son since the first episode.  It's not that I really was that invested in the characters, I just knew they would eventually turn up again.  I've been waiting... a long time.   Sadly, things didn't go so well for Morgan.

Remember back when he couldn't shoot his wife?  I never thought that it would come back to haunt him by her killing their son.  Too bad.  It would be enough for anyone to snap and Morgan sure did.  Even before his first words you can see his living area scrawled with chalk like crazy people do.  I guess if I ever look around my walls and see words scribbled all over the place, I'll probably check myself in.

In the process of Rick trying to get Morgan to come back to reality, it appears that Rick may have actually helped himself snap out of his mental insanity.  He seemed more put together on his way out, and even joked with Michonne about how he "sees things."

Which brings us to Michonne and Carl.  He wanted to run back and get a picture of his mom for Judith, so she'll know what she looks like.  It's a simple gesture, but it shows how Carl is growing up and maturing faster than a typical kid should.  Also Michonne and Carl bond.  This is pretty big because up until now Carl wanted her gone, and Rick didn't have any intention of letting her become a "regular" in the group.  After this episode I think she will become a regular and a key member of Rick's gang.

And nice touch Walking Dead for the open and close of the show.  We see a lone survivor walking along the road, screaming for help as Rick, Michonne, and Carl drive by.  No one said a word, they just kept going.  Then on the way back to the prison, we saw his blood smear, and camping gear on the side of the road.  They pick up his back pack and head off.  Not saying a word.  Season 1 or season 2 they would have stopped and picked up the guy.  But now, after all of their trust issues, no one is worth messing around with.  That's cold Rick Grimes, that's cold.


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