Late last year, the Wahlberg brothers announced they would be expanding their family restaurant. Mall Of America was named one of the lucky new locations, set to open this year.

After a few long months of waiting to learn when it would open, the Mall of America finally announced a launch date along with some even bigger news - the Wahlberg brothers would be stopping by to celebrate the grand opening.

Well, that big day was Thursday night and from the looks of it, the big event didn't disappoint. Donnie, Mark and their chef brother Paul all stopped by the rotunda to greet fans.

Donnie was kind enough to Facebook live the whole experience, from his plane ride to the mall to the plane ride out of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. He also took to social media to film the event itself. Below, you can see him greeting everyone and even hugging a few lucky fans.

The New Kids On The Block member is a big fan of Facebook live. When he was in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, he filmed himself stopping by the Wahlburgers in-progress with his nearly 1-million Facebook fans.

I am a Donnie Wahlberg super fan and freaked out at this news. I am absolutely devastated that of all times to get terribly sick, it was the time one of my favorite people was in town. Maybe next time. Sigh.

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