Recently, Donnie Wahlberg and company announced they would be opening a new Wahlburgers location in Mall of America. It is slated to open in Spring 2018. (An exact date hasn't been announced just yet but according to the mall's Facebook page, one will be soon.)

It seems he didn't want to wait to check out the new space! He surprised fans at Mall of America on Friday and stopped by the soon-to-be restaurant. His wife, Jenny McCarthy, also tagged along. Both were in town for Super Bowl festivities. Right now, several of the Wahlberg family faces grace the wall space outside where the spot will be.

Wahlberg had great words for the iconic mall. He called it the "greatest mall in the world" and said he would be back for the big opening.

I freaked out when it was brought to my attention that he was at the mall because I LOVE Donnie. He is on one of my favorite shows and I think he's the best. I will definitely be paying a visit to Wahlburgers the second it opens. Maybe I will run into him then. I won't let the opportunity pass me by again!

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