It looks like scammers are getting personal and targeting businesses and organizations in the Twin Ports.

The latest victim of a scam like this is Visit Duluth. We all know Visit Duluth! They are a tourist information center that always shares the best that Duluth has to offer.

Now, a scammer is taking advantage of that and posing as Visit Duluth on social media! Visit Duluth shared a warning with their Facebook fans on Wednesday (July 7th), sharing that someone made a fake business account with their name and picture.

Judging by the screenshot they shared, the scammer pretty much nailed the fake page. It looks very similar with the same photo and everything.

This is just an example of a message the scammer or scammers have sent out to fans of Visit Duluth. The language seems a bit suspect and not like it is from a professional organization but because the rest of the fake Facebook account seems legitimate, some may fall for it.

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Another thing that Visit Duluth notes is that there is no hyphen in their name but the fake Facebook account uses one. Also, they are a business page, which means they have a business Facebook page. Business accounts can't add friends on Facebook even if they wanted to.

Keep these things in mind if you get a Facebook request from this scammer or another scammer in the future. If you have any questions regarding a contest or if a Facebook page is real, give the business a call on the phone, whether Visit Duluth or a different business in the future.

This isn't the first time this has happened in the Twin Ports! A new bakery in the Miller Hill Mall opened recently and within the first few days of business, they were hit with a scammer pretending to be them on Facebook!

Thankfully, the owner caught wind of the fake Facebook page and warned her loyal customers to be wary of the fake page. The owner didn't elaborate on what the scammer was doing or if anyone fell victim to the scam.

There is a new scam every single day it seems. As a rule of thumb, don't believe something that is too good to be true right off the bat. Take a minute, do some research and even reach out to a business or organization to see if it is legitimate or a scam.

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