E-cigarettes have been around for over a decade, and up until recently the biggest known danger has been them exploding. Usually, from modified devices. But recently there has been an outbreak of illnesses related to vaping and the CDC is investigating into what is happening. Early indicators reveal a common culprit. Those hospitalized were vaping cartridges containing black market THC.

In states where marijuana is legal, consumers can go to a dispensary and buy official, licensed, lab tested, and safe marijuana oils. However, in states where it isn't legal, the black market rules. They do a great job of disguising the packaging to look like it's from a legitimate company. But it's not. It will even come in packaging with colorful labels, THC percentages, and even government labeling. They are trying to trick you, and they do a good job.

While they may actually have THC in them, that's not the problem. The illnesses are caused by other unregulated chemicals and pesticides they are "cutting" the THC oil with. That's what is likely leading to these lung problems that develop very quickly.

So how can you tell if it's fake? First, is the THC content percentage written on the box, or is it on the actual vape? If it's on the box, it's fake. They would not change the packaging often enough to match the batch. The cartridge itself should have a sticker on it saying THC and some type of regulatory info.

Another clear sign it's a fake or counterfeit is if it has a name that would be a copyright infringement. Mario Carts is a name of a black market vape. Do you really think Nintendo would allow this name to be used? Lucky Charms? Trix? Nope. Fake, and who knows what is in them.

There's some great information and threads on reddit that help you figure out if your cartridge is legitimate. After you get educated, it's pretty easy to tell.

Mainstream media has jumped on E-Cigs and vaping and not clearly identified what the real issue is. While there may still be some health risks with e-cigs, this immediate issue should be clearly identified as the counterfeit THC.




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