As we awaited news on whether Duluth's JC Penney will be closing.   We heard that another national company, Outback Steakhouse, would be closing some of their locations and wondered if our local Outback restaurant was on the "chopping block".  We were contacted by the parent company, Bloomin' Brands and we have the answer!

Bloomin’ Brands have an array of restaurants, mostly in the South.  The Northland is home to just one, Outback Steakhouse.  In my previous blog I learned from, that they will be closing almost 50 of their eateries.  At that time they hadn't said which ones and the speculation was on.  Since that time my blog was read by their corporate office in Tampa, FL and we have an answer.

I was contacted via email by Cathie K, VP of Communications & Government Relations who assured me that they indeed plan to keep the Duluth location OPEN!

Outback Steakhouse has many loyal fans so I'm happy to report that you can continue to get your spirited drinks and seriously delicious food from servers that have 204 years of combined experience at the location you've always frequented.  ENJOY!

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