Last week we learned that the company that owns JC Penney will be closing some of their stores and that honestly made me sick to my stomach.  I love shopping at JC Penney and it has been an anchor store at the Miller Hill Mall for so many years. While we're waiting to hear for sure what stores they'll be closing, another company has announced they'll be closing some of their locations, will our Outback Steakhouse on Haines Road be on the chopping block too?


The first time I ever ordered a salad at Outback Steakhouse I was miffed that I didn't get any dressing on it.  After the server came back to the table and I voiced my issue they calmly responded that in Australia, it's "down under" therefore, my dressing was underneath the salad.  That's my memory of Outback!

We have friend's that like to go there because Davey likes steak.  Outback Steakhouse is owned by a parent company called Bloomin’ Brand.  They have an array of restaurants, mostly in the South.  The Northland is home to just one, Outback.  Other than not living up to the expected revenue, I'm not sure what their reasoning is, they had announced recently that they were in talks to open more restaurants so I'm sure this comes as a total shock to some of their employees.  As of the latest news from, they will be closing almost 50 of their eateries.  They haven't said which ones and I'd be surprised if they let Duluth go, after all we just lost our steakhouse in Canal Park with the closing of Timberlodge.

We can add Outback to the list with JC Penney and wait to hear if they either will remain open.


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