UPDATE 8:00 PM 8/10/20 -  The Sawyer County Sheriff's Department says "the missing 3-year-old in Winter was located, thank you to all volunteers and everyone involved in the search."

Original Post 2:41 PM 08/10/20

Law enforcement agencies and volunteers are combing the area around Winter, Wisconsin for a missing 3-year-old girl.

Lisa Koch, the mother of the missing girl named Abby, posted on Facebook this morning that Abby had been missing for well over 12 hours and that she could be with or near their dog, peanut, who has also gone missing.

Volunteers are needed to help look for the missing girl, the Sawyer County Sheriff's Department is asking that "volunteers looking to help search for the missing 3-year-old in Winter to register at the Winter ballpark at the intersection of Park and Grove."

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Koch says Abby was wearing a black shirt with sunflowers on it, white underwear, and no pants. She also said in her Facebook post, "Abby is very shy and shuts down fast and won't say nothing if she is scared so please keep that in mind."

If you have any information, please call the Sawyer County Sheriff's Department at (715) 634-4858.

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