A few years ago the Ice Castles were moved from the Mall of America and established in Eden Prairie, MN.  I think it's cool that people from the Twin Cities visit the Twin Ports to experience Bentleyville Tour of Lights and we can travel down to take in the amazing Ice Castles.  If you enjoy Lake Superior's Ice Caves you'll love this!

What is the Ice Castles?  It is massive and hand crafted of only ice, yup just frozen water that is molded into towers and tunnels, canyons and archways and is lit by thousands of LED lights.  Of course planning for the phenomenon starts months prior to the cold weather that preserves the castles once they get sculpted together. Thank you to the volunteers and organizers that have been working diligently to get the Ice Castles ready to open Saturday, January 23.

A couple years ago they moved the  Ice Castles from the Mall of America to Miller Park, at 8208 Eden Prairie Road in Eden Prairie, MN. Mark it on your calendar and start planning your trip now, it's open January 23 through March (depending on weather).

Ice Castles in the day:

Ice Castles at night:

This is such a cool thing for your family to build memories around.  Take the road trip, take pictures and take video to make memories of a lifetime!