Did you get to see the ice caves last year?  I  regret I couldn't find the time to travel to Bayfield and see the amazing Wisconsin Ice Caves.  As you can see, my daughter and her boyfriend made it and said they were breath taking.  There's a very good chance the ice caves will happen again this year and this time the public will be charged a small fee.


I must be living in a vacuum, because until last winter, I had never heard of the Apostle Island Ice Caves.  Mother Nature at her best, using snow and ice to create a shoreline of ice caves that entices people of all ages to travel long distances and walk at least a mile along the frozen shore of Lake Superior. The further you walk, the more you'll see.

Experts are saying the weather has been calm and cool enough in that area to create the proper conditions for people to be able to access the ice caves again this year.  The ice along the shoreline needs to be stable and thick and the temperatures need to stay cold and the winds need to remain somewhat calm.  However, people who go this year may experience paying a $5 fee.  Well over 130,000 people visited last year so they're apt to make a great deal, but $5 isn't that much at all and it's a great way to that area to make money in the winter months.


The National Park Service spent more than $450,000 dealing with visitors and monitoring ice conditions and that has lead to the decision to charge a $5 fee per visitor with a $10 season pass available.

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