Did you get to see the ice caves last year?  I  regret I couldn't find the time to travel to Bayfield and see the amazing Wisconsin Ice Caves.  Original predictions looked good that we may get the chance to visit them again this year.  The verdict has wavered since then, but as of yesterday are once again looking somewhat favorable.

---UPDATE 02/24---

Park service reports from last evening were that ice conditions could cooperate to the point where there would be a possible opening of the shoreline to the public this weekend, February 28-March 1. I was surprised that they actually use satellite images to determine ice thickness of Lake Superior.  I didn't even know that technology existed!  They say that 90% of the Great Lake is ice covered.  The issue isn't the ice at this point, it's the wind.  Gusty winds could prevent  the opening completely.  I've been outside and the gusty wind conditions do exist, but surveyors will have the final say after they assess the safety of the ice and make a final determination.  Hang in there, nature fans!  We should know by mid-week if mother nature will allow us to enjoy the hidden beauty of Lake Superior and the Ice Caves.

If the shoreline does open this weekend visitors will have to pay a newly-installed fee of $5 per person over the age of 16.

To receive up to the minute updates on ice conditions and whether or not the caves are open to the public, you can call the Ice Line at (715) 779-3397.

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