If you've driven near UMD campuses at all this week, you may have seen college kids partying along the road as they do every year.  It's a tradition and kids will be kids.  However, with the growing problem nationwide of campus rapes is this something we should be joking about? 

UMD Humor posted the pictures on twitter, and took them down after complaints came in.  There were some screenshots posted, and you can still seem them at buzzfeed.

I get that these students are carrying on a tradition, and want to have fun.  I honestly can't say for sure whether or not I would have been participating in something like this when I was their age.  From what I understand, this stuff has been going on for years.  Maybe even more surprising is that more of the female students are creating their suggestive signs. Is it just a joke or mocking what males students have done?

Here's a few of the examples:

"She's called you daddy for 18 years, now it's my turn."

"Freshmen boys, our couches don't pull out, so I hope you do!"

"21 to Drink, 18ish to sleepover."

It's also worth noting that his happens at campuses across the country.  Old Dominion University in Virginia actually suspended a fraternity and started and investigation after signs were hung on move in week there.

I'm not saying we should have a witch hunt about this, but nowadays with all of the campus rape problems, this can't be a good thing.


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