I would like to say I messed my kitchen utensil drawer up for the picture, but nope.  It WAS that messy!  My New Year's resolution was to just "do" when something needed to be done.  (Another way of saying "don't procrastinate).  I did two things over the weekend that I'm challenging you to do in your home by the end of next weekend.  Not to put anything else on your already full plate, but hoping that I give you that little push you might need.  Just like I do!

It's sorta embarrassing to show you my kitchen utensil drawer.  First, I look like a slob.  Second, it's a sneak peek into my life in the kitchen.  Yes, I love my onion goggles and yes, they work.  Here's a video of me at my sister's when I first learned of onion goggles.

Anyhow, doesn't matter what's in your utensil drawer, if it needs straightening find time to do it.  Think about how many conversations you've had with your family standing in the kitchen leaning against the counter.  Instead, open the drawer and start taking stuff out.  By the time you're done with your convo, you'll probably be done with the drawer and you might even get a little help.

Secondly, I cleaned the oven.  I will say this, I have a self-cleaning oven, so those of you that still have to spray the toxic foaming cleaner on the walls and wait for it to drip down before you stick your head in the oven and scrub it, my heart goes out to you.

oven cleaning
Cathy Kates

It happened quite by accident.  I don't like to use the self-cleaning part of my oven unless we're home because it gets SO hot.  I was walking past the stove and remember the last time I was going to bake something, the pizza cheese that had dripped onto the bottom earlier had burned and the whole house smelled.  We happened to be home for a period of time, which is rare, so I decided to fire it up and clean it.  Didn't take me more than two seconds and about 10 minutes of wiping out the ashes when it was done.  So, why is it that I don't do it more often?

Because I think about it and say "I'll start that another day".  Just DO!  It's such a great feeling when it gets done.

Challenge me, what did you clean or do this weekend that I should accomplish by the end of next weekend?

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