The Minnesota Twins just finished a disappointing season and today they announced that they will not be bringing Paul Molitor back to manage the team next season.

According to their press release, Molitor has been offered a position to stay with the organization in a Baseball Operations capacity and is considering that offer.

Paul Molitor released an official statement regarding today's decision:

"I was informed today that the Twins will seek a new manager for the 2019 season and I fully respect that decision. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity they gave me to serve in the role as manager for these past four years. I’m going to consider their genuine offer to serve in a different capacity to positively impact the Twins from a different role. Special thanks to my coaches and players I have had a chance to manage, and I certainly appreciate the tremendous support I received from all of Twins Territory"

Molitor had just won American League Manager Of The Year when he guided an overachieving Twins team to a playoff game in 2017.  This year, the team was cursed with injuries and a front office that signed a class of free agents that were ultimately a failure.

To me, it's that analytics-happy front office that should shoulder a majority of the blame for this past season and not Paul Molitor.  I hope Mollie stays with the team is some capacity, but I would understand his desire to seek opportunities with another organization.

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