Chris Kari, owner of Kari Toyota, was in our studios this week like he normally is, but this time he had some special news. Last Christmas Season one of their employees filmed a TV pilot episode using Kari Toyota as the location.  After a year of post editing, it is now available to purchase and watch on Amazon Prime for $2.99.

The concept was created and produced by Jacey Dean of Iron River. She thought there was a need for a sitcom that takes place in a dealership because so many crazy things happen in the business. She's looking for viewer feedback so they can make changes and get the best out of the pilot in hopes the pilot gets attention and picked up for a full series.

According to the Hollywood Rookies production Facebook page, the plot goes as follows,

"Liz Haskell is a perky, upbeat and newly single mother, trying to eke out a living (and a special Christmas surprise) for her six year old wheelchair-bound son, Dylan (Harold Deberg). When LIz overhears that she might lose her new job, suddenly not only Dylan's Christmas dreams are at risk, but her very livelihood. Filled with colofrul characters and laughable moments, A Dealership Christmas is destined to join your holiday collection of beloved family traditions.

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