We are lucky to have the perfect backdrop for the holiday season this time of year, thanks to Bentleyville's glorious lights and beautiful Lake Superior.

We are also lucky to have a bunch of great holiday traditions in the Duluth and Superior area. I have been watching a ton of bad Hallmark Christmas movies this year and they have inspired me to pitch what could be a new Northland tradition!

In all of these movies, the small towns have a weekend outdoor Christmas celebration and I think we could do that here as well! Of course, we have the Christmas City of the North parade, which is awesome. However, that could just be the beginning!

How great would it be if we turned Canal Park into (more of a) winter wonderland and had a few day celebration? We already have the light situation covered, thanks to the lights of Bentleyville.

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There are already great places to eat in Canal Park but we could just add on to that, with street vendors selling Christmas cookies and treats and hot chocolate. Special Christmas drinks and beer could also play a part in this celebration.

There could also be entertainment, granted things would need to go back to normal. We could have live music at Bayfront. Even though it would be a bit chilly, it would still be awesome!

To top it all off, we could shop around at the local stores and even invite Santa and Mrs. Clause to come and hang out with the children. A petting zoo with Santa's "reindeer" would also help to make this a family friendly event.

What do you think - should I stop watching so many bad Hallmark movies or should I cross my fingers and hope that one day this holiday celebration really happens?!

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