This may sound really dumb but hear me out. I used to LOVE One Tree Hill. I still do but it has been off the air for quite some time. Every once in awhile, the cast gets together and meets fans and revisits the small town where the show was filmed.

Very recently, the cast did this yet again. One the the show's main stars, Chad Michael Murray, took it one step further and went back to one of the hit's most iconic filming spots. I was going to blog about it because I was so excited and then I realized something.

Who's bridge? OUR BRIDGE! Wonder how many 🏀 have accidentally bounced off & are living down below... #OTH

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The spot reminds me of the famous Aerial Lift Bridge!

The bridge from the show has now become a tourist landmark for fans. It's also featured in the show's opening introduction. The show is highly recommended but you'll have to buy it if you want to watch. It was taken off Netflix this month (which is bad timing, I know!)

Should I go recreate this photo? I might have to. Who is with me?!

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