This is my tattoo, an Asian symbol meaning peace and tranquility.  I got it years ago, while broadcasting live from a tattoo shop in downtown Duluth.  I never had a problem with it.  But, that isn't the case with some people today.  Obviously, if you are going to get a tattoo, you would pick a reputable business and expect that the utensils they use are sterilized.  But, what if it's the ink that is the problem?

According to ABC News, a man from Rochester, NY experienced a reddish-purple rash that appeared to be intertwined in the tattoo itself.  After seeing his doctor and being treated for a simple allergic skin rash, which makes sense, it appeared to worsen.

A biopsy was performed and what the doctors found was startling!  The skin sample had bacterium that looked like a worm and was related to tuberculosis!

Fortunately, for the man from NY, he was able to start treatment with an infectious disease specialist, but the treatment plan is for an entire year.  This is serious because this bacteria can sometimes cause death.

To make matters more perplexing, the tattoo shop where this man got his tattoo used sterile equipment.  But, that lead to the study of the ink itself.  The artist had used a new pre-mixed ink.

It was determined the culprit in the ink was likely the distilled water.  I use that type of water in my  fountain/misters in my home!!!  Makes me nervous now.  If you are planning on getting a tattoo, ask questions, take extraordinary precautions and watch it while it heals.

Read more at:  ABC News

Via:  Taste of Country

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