Ok, so I saw Ken Hayes is writing some blogs to get things off his chest, so it's my turn. I was driving home from my in-laws about a week ago. I had to stop to......let's say do a job....with out being graphic. When it came time for me to finish...I used the thinist toilet paper in the world. I could have used clouds and it would have been thicker. My first thought is

"if you are trying to save money, you're not!! I would think people use 3 or 4 times more to get the same coverage (so to speak). I know I was. So there I am with my mummified looking hand talking to myself saying, I'm gonna tell them about this.  Then when I was finished, I washed my hands and the paper towels are in an automatic dispenser that only gives you a 4 inch sheet to wipe your hands with. I can almost hear the trees being cut down as I run my hand in front of the little red light in order to get more towels in order to properly dry my hands. So I wrote in the mirror, I'M ANGRY!

As I was leaving the place, I started to tell the attendant, who looked like he played bass in a punk rock band, when his co worker shouted from the bathroom......"Hey Robbie, I was just washing my hands with hot water when a message appeared in the mirror that said they were angry, I told you this place was haunted", that's when I gigled and ran.

How do you feel about this? Am I way off the mark? I think they would save more money using the good toilet paper.

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