My take is:  the toilet paper should come OVER the top.  That way when you can't find the end or you're in the dark you can just spin it downward and the end will eventually come off leaving it easy to grab. I've had people argue that fact, but now there's proof.


Sam Wheeler is the "father of toilet paper"  he invented and patented the roll with tear-sheets (God Bless him!)  It's the illustrations he used when applying for the patent that has made the determination of if a roll should be inserted on the dispenser with the end coming over the top or hanging from the bottom.

In the pictures, he has the toilet paper end OVER THE TOP!  I don't want to say that toilet paper was his life, I don't really know that, but he did receive patents for a multi-roll toilet paper holder, a toilet paper fixture and a process for ornamenting toilet paper to give it a diamond-patterned look.

They now also have toilet paper despenser that will solve the problem of being left to use a ratty old left over kleenex in your's called the RollScout and it's a Kickstarter protege'.  According to the design will certainly fit any decor.  It will be wall-mounted and look like your typically toilet paper dispenser, however it will have a hidden infrared emitter and senor.  So, when the roll is getting empty the battery operated RollScout pulses with a round amber light to alert unsuspecting bathroom users.

If you're interested you can fund the kickerstarter program.  Or, just do what I do and have it come over the top and keep an extra roll within reach when your husband leaves you with an empty cardboard roll (yeah, I'm calling Homie out!)



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