We finally made it to February 10th and to the midseason premiere of "The Walking Dead."  When we were left at the arena with Daryl and Merle ready to face off, it looked like it was going to be an action packed return.  This episode turned out to be more of a set up and regroup kind of episode for what's to come.

We got our questions answered.  We now know that Daryl would stay loyal to his brother and head off with him, leaving the group after they escaped from the arena.   The group also is shocked to learn that andrea is still alive and in bed with the Governor (although maybe not so much anymore.)  Andrea learned about Glen and Maggie were being held there but she isn't as mad as I thought she would be.

The fact that Andrea rallies the town when the Governor turns cold tells me she still believes in Woodbury and the Governor.  Even though he held her friends prisoner, tried to have a death match, and says he's at war she still holds the town together.  It will be interesting to see what happens when Andrea runs back into the old gang at some point, and where her loyalties lie.

I'd say kill off the two prisoners right away that suggested overtaking the prison.  Tyreese and Sasha seem legit, so let them stay.

We end the episode with Rick losing his mind once again.  As soon as he holds the crying baby you can see him drift off back to that horrible place.  The baby's cries trigger a bit of psychosis.  He later sees Lori in her wedding dress standing on a cat walk and loses it in front of the group.  Yikes.  I couldn't really make out that it was lori, but that's what the amc recap says.

The episode in general was pretty good, although a little light on the action, but every episode can't hard hitting.  It's nice to have Sunday nights back, and I look forward to next week!


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