Who knew pickles and peanut butter were so controversial?

I first heard about this unusual pairing on the internet, of course. The New York Times published an article about the 'peanut butter and pickle sandwich.' It was originally written and published in 2012 but it didn't catch much steam back then.

The news source posted a link to the article once again, along with a statement that read, "Consider this less a recipe, more of a prod in a direction that you never considered.” (They have a point there. We definitely never considered pairing these two together.)

News of the sandwich spread like wildfire. Twitter was truly flabbergasted that peanut butter and pickles were put in the same sentence and many voiced that opinion, responding and proclaiming their concern about the pairing.

It seems people REALLY take their sandwiches seriously these days. The combination is odd but there have definitely been much grosser food trends out there in recent times.

Ken and I were curious about how this sandwich would taste and we decided to try it out for ourselves. In the end, we decided it wasn't that bad but we wouldn't go out of our way to make it again. You can watch us prepare the sandwiches and eat them live on air above.

Reactions seem to be mixed in the Northland. Many were very grossed out that we were trying the so-called 'classic' while others said the sandwich was nothing new.

What do you think - would you eat this?

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