Is Drinking Pickle Juice Good For You, Might Have Health Benefits
I always heard as a kid that drinking pickle juice was good for you. I always drank the juice when the pickles were gone from our house when I was a kid. It’s claimed to enhance exercise performance, help control blood sugar and more. So, I did that into my adult life. I don't know if it helped me …
Here’s How To Make Refrigerator Pickles
What do you do with all of those left over cucumbers you have from your garden?  That's what my co host Cathy Kates was trying to figure out.  I offered to help her out and use my mom's recipe for easy to make refrigerator pickles!  Check out how easy this is.
Homemade Pickle Recipe That Cathy’s Crazy About
My mom for the last few years has been making home made pickles.   They are so good that it just isn't the same when we go buy store bought pickles.   It's all about the brine, and this brine is perfect for making pickles.   I also made some pickled eggs with …