Taxes are due in less than a month.  As I was searching for tax information to share with you I stumbled on the fact that single Americans make up a majority of people that file taxes.  In fact, Ken and I were discussing the fact that some people refrain from getting married due to the changes that would occur when filing their taxes.

According to CNN.Money, as little as three years ago single Americans made up 61% of all tax returns filed.  There was many reasons cited for the huge number.  People are choosing to live together, there are more single parents, (I was one), others are getting their career in check before getting married.

For those who are choosing the single life, you deserve a night out to celebrate your independence.  Since you're keeping it all together, we did the leg work and put together a party that you and your friends are NOT going to want to miss.  You could even win a trip for you and a pal to The Resorts at Wendover.  Don't miss the event that's designed specifically for you!

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