This past weekend the City of Two Harbors had their annual Heritage Days celebration.  It's a three day festival with arts and crafts, stage entertainment, a street dance, and parades.  Basically three days of fun on the North Shore.  It was a smidgen more over the top for 2021 because of a monster truck.

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Not just any monster truck, a 2,000 horsepower Ram Power Wagon, called the RAMINATOR.  This Hemi powered beast is part of the Hall Brothers Racing Team,  and on Saturday was driven by a rock star named Kurt, and wrenched on by Nathan.  It was operating at peak performance for crushing some cars and making the crowd go wild.

Hall Brothers Racing RAMINATOR with Driver Kurt- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Hall Brothers Racing RAMINATOR with Driver Kurt- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The event was put on by Sonju Two Harbors in their back parking lot.  While of course it was about good ole fun with a big truck, there was more to the event than that.  A free raffle took place for a kid's mini Jeep, one of those fancy ones that's remote controlled, but you can also drive, and of course had leather.  In addition to that, the Two Harbors Baseball Team was running concessions and working hard for the tips raising $500 for the team.

I had the opportunity to emcee the event, and the crowd that showed up to cheer on the truck made the whole experience even better.  The best was the little kid, probably around four or five years old who had a monster truck book with his favorite truck in it that he had to show off, of course it was the RAMINATOR.  You can check out some video of the rip roaring monster truck action HERE.

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