I am new to the Stranger Things bandwagon. I have wanted to watch it forever but never got around to it. I finally caved when everyone in the workplace told me it was a must see.

The big news surrounding the show recently was the second season. It was released just in time for Halloween and was probably the most highly-anticipated release of the year. Minnesota fans of the show got an even bigger treat when they spotted a connection to the state we call home. I even wrote about it!

In the premiere episode of the second season, one of the main characters was spotted wearing a Science Museum of Minnesota sweatshirt!

Museum staff saw the crazy response and decided to bring the sweatshirt back so fans could have one! (Through research, I learned that the purple sweatshirt in question is truly from the museum and was discontinued in the 1980s.)

Staff said they were all doing everything they could to bring this sweatshirt back to life. It seems they meant it! The shirts were released earlier this week. Demand was so high the website crashed but everything is great now!

I want one of these!! You can learn more and purchase one of the sweatshirts here. 

P.S. Museum staff say they are working with Netflix to figure out how the shirt made it onto the show in the first place. Just for those that are curious!

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