After a brutal April, that included a major winter storm no less, it seems the Old Farmer's Almanac is actually bringing us some good news this time around.

At the beginning of every month, a simple forecast is released by the Almanac, breaking things down a few days at a time. For the first time in a few months, I didn't cringe when I read this month's outlook!

According to the Almanac's predictions, the first ten days of May will bring rain. Then we will see a transition into sunshine with slightly cooler temperatures.

From the 11th to the 19th of May, we can expect showers with mild temperatures.

From May 20th to the 23rd, it will be cool but sunny.

May 24th to the 31st of the month will bring a nice warm-up in temperature with thunderstorms likely.

We will see an average temperature of about 54 degrees, which will be one degree below average for this time of year. Compared to what we saw last month, I am just fine with being one degree below average. Ha!

Last month, the Old Farmer's Almanac predicted rain and snow, but they didn't say we'd have a record-breaking snowstorm and cold snap.

The forecast region includes most of Minnesota and Wisconsin, parts of North and South Dakota and Michigan.

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