I saw one of the best movie trailers last night while watching the Olympics.  I have heard absolutely nothing about this film until last night, and now it's on the top of my list of must see movies this fall.  It's called 'Arrival.'  Check out the trailer for yourself, and then I'll explain what makes it so great!


Now tell me you aren't on the edge of your seat.  It's short, it's to the point, it builds suspension, and then keeps us guessing.  It doesn't show the best parts of the movie, or give away the whole plot.  It's a classy trailer much like a classy date that you can bring home to mom.  It makes you wait, and lets us build excitement in our own imagination.

Hollywood needs more of this, and less of the 'show us the whole movie' type of trailer.

I excited for November 11th.

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