Will The Emoji Movie be horrible? We just don’t know. The premise of “Toy Story, but with the little pictorial icons that live inside your smartphone” sure sounds like something that an executive with an analytics page for a heart would come up with, but it’s the critic’s responsibility to reserve judgement until the film can be seen in full. At least today brings us a bite-sized sample of The Emoji Movie with a new trailer that contains both a painfully out-of-fashion “Bye, Felicia” reference and a sincerely humorous joke about forgotten phone passwords. So it’s really anyone’s guess, at this point.

T.J. Miller — who spoke rather, um, frankly about this film in a recent interview — stars as a young Meh emoji who dreams of making faces other than that of eternal nonchalance. He teams up with an upbeat high-five emoji (portrayed by James Corden, who’s kind of already a human high-five emoji, when you think about it) and what I can only assume is a Brooklyn dive bar patron emoji (Anna Faris voices a girl-emoji with hip blue hair and a knit wool beanie) to find a land where he can be free to emote as he pleases. Along the way, he’ll encounter the rest of your keyboard, from an over-it coconut shrimp to, of course, a Patrick Stewart-voiced pile of sentient feces.

The film comes to theaters August 4, which means that the inevitable The Emoji Movie Porn Parody Movie should follow later in the month. Main characters include eggplant emoji, peach emoji, water droplets emoji, and tongue-sticking-out emoji. It’s going to be disgusting.

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