It's a tough gig but someone's gotta do it.

The Breakfast Club was blessed with a box full of new Oreo flavors Friday morning. The first flavor is an orange creme Halloween edition of the famous treat. The second is a special-edition Mickey Mouse cookie with birthday cake filling.

While it is really rare that you could ever go wrong with any kind of dessert, we decided it would be a good idea to take one for the team and offer up our thoughts.

Were the cookies any good? Watch our taste test review below and then try them for yourself so you can join the conversation!

By the way, Ken and Nabisco Joe decided to team up against me this week and pull a massive prank, which we refer to in the video above. Ken and I always talk about how I have a fear of clowns. They both decided to prey upon this weakness Friday morning during the show. You can watch it all go down on camera here.

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