There has been so much hype surrounding Kacey Musgraves over the past few months, especially since she announced she'd be dropping another album in early 2018. The time has come and 'Golden Hour' was officially released last week.

Early reviews were saying the album was disco and different and the country star herself dubbed the new music as 'trippy.' The fact that she got married last October also had some wondering if she'd drop the sass she'd become known for and go soft.

Thankfully for us, all of the above is true. The album has everything - disco tunes, country ballads, sad songs, happy tracks and the unique Kacey flair that made us all obsess over her in the first place.

'Golden Hour' is great and lives up to all the hype surrounding it. It wasn't an easy task but I chose the five best songs off the project.

  • 1

    Slow Burn

    This is the perfect way to open the album as it sets the personal tone that is to come on the next 13 tracks. This is the most autobiographical song the star has ever written and that's saying a lot for someone who usually lays it all out there. Musgraves sings about her cold demeanor and making her grandma cry and makes everyone else want to cry in the process when she sings the last verse. It's simple but it packs a big punch.

  • 2

    Love Is A Wild Thing

    It's not everyday that we hear the powerhouse sing a love song. The newlywed surely had some inspiration and this song is proof that change is good. The tune shows a softer and more vulnerable side to the artist as she sings about how love changes your life even when you try to resist it. It's one of the simplest songs (production-wise) on the album but here, simple is effective.

  • 3

    Space Cowboy

    This is one the country star dropped before her album. Don't let the title fool you - this is a golden song about letting someone go instead of begging them to stay. It's here that the songwriting skills Musgraves is known for shine. The song is also a heartbreak tune, which proves the star can really do it all, even while madly in love.

  • 4

    Velvet Elvis

    Let's leave it to Musgraves to rhyme 'velvet' and 'Elvis' - not an easy feat. It's no surprise there are several love songs this time around, but this one is pure Kacey. It's not sappy but instead funny, clever and original. Who else could write a whole song full of Graceland references? It's also the catchiest tune on the album. Obsessed.

  • 5


    This one is a tearjerker. The song follows a theme the singer touches on often: finding the silver lining no matter who you are. Unlike her other songs of the same theme, Musgraves lets her vocals shine, accompanied only by a simple piano. The ballad and album-closer is proof she really did save the best for last.

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