It's not everyday a country star releases a disco track, but here we are. Truthfully, I am so happy about it.

The track is called 'High Horse' and it is unlike anything Musgraves has done before. She closed her set with it when she played at Amsoil Arena last weekend. I didn't know it at the time but I thought about it for days after. It was so catchy and I was hoping it would be a track off her new record.

Luck was on my side! She released the tune Thursday. The song centers around someone who is a little too full of themself. The always-outspoken singer has taken on this topic before with phenomenal results but this track is special.

Don't let the word disco scare you off. It's country but with a disco edge. My favorite thing about it is how different it is from her previous work while remaining true to who she is and everything we love about her. The lyrics are also hilarious and amazing but not so out there that they take away from the busy production. Telling someone off has never sounded so fun.

This is the third song Musgraves has released from her forthcoming album. 'Golden Hour' is set to drop Friday, March 30th.

'High Horse' is my favorite of the three songs she has released so far. I knew we'd be seeing a different side of her when she got around to releasing new music again, since she got married and such. I was worried she'd go completely soft, so I am excited she snuck a sassy song onto the record.

You can hear the tune and see the fun lyric video above.

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