It's back again the year after taking a year off during the pandemic. The 28th Annual Walk for Animals a fundraiser for Animal Allies. For everyone that has participated in this event in years past a few things have changed in order to make this event as successful as possible. First the event was moved to the month of July since the weather the first week in June was often a little chilly. Second the event was moved to Leif Erikson Park this year and third it is being held on a weeknight since so many people leave town on the weekends.

The Walk For Animals is happening on Thursday July 15 from 4:00-8:00 PM at Leif Erikson Park in Duluth.  The 2 mile walk can be done the day of the event or virtually as well. The actual event itself is FREE this year, but if you donate or raise a minimum of $50 you will receive a Walk For Animals T-shirt. I have collected one every year for the last 10 years and they are super well made and really comfortable.

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Gather with us for a fun filled evening, whether you are near or far you can help them help homeless pets. Make sure to come early to be able to participate in all the different activities with your pet and also check out the food trucks and animal themed vendors that will be on hand as well.

I will be at the Walk broadcasting live from 6-8pm that night and I am so excited to be back again this year, it is truly one of my favorite events all year long. Just so you know you do not just have to bring just dogs to the event, I have seen tortoises, ducks, cats, goats and more, just make sure to have your pet on a leash or secured. This is one of the biggest fund raisers of the year for Animal Allies and your support will allow them to provide food, shelter and medical treatment to the animals in need.

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