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Inside Denfeld's 'Fab Lab'
I have heard about 3D printers and am amazed at what they can make, but have never understood how.  When I read that they now have a printer that can make a pizza I decided it needed to be researched further and turned to the Fab Lab at Denfeld High School and the instructor, Kevin Chederquist …
Denfeld's Awesome Video
I am in awe of the talent and camaraderie of the Duluth Denfeld High School student body!  The group effort put forth by the students, faculty and administration makes this a MUST WATCH video.  It will have you smiling and I bet you'll get into it with them!  Makes ya want to be …
Denfeld Cheer Team Needs Your Votes To Win New Cheer Mats
Proud, loud and nothing but the best for DHS.  That's the Denfeld Cheer Team.  They rally others to win and we can now repay their dedication and efforts.  I had the pleasure and honor of coaching this team last year and I know first hand that the team is in need of new mats.  One of the team member…
Hockey Day Photos
Hockey Day Minnesota 2016 came and went, delivering lots of hockey and memorable moments for everyone at Bayfront Festival Park. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the inception of this statewide celebration of the game of hockey.

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