Proud, loud and nothing but the best for DHS.  That's the Denfeld Cheer Team and they really have something to cheer about.  They put on their rally caps and won a national contest that put their team up against 31 other schools in 19 different states!


The contest was with a company called Greatmats.  One Denfeld Cheer Team member, Jenna, saw the contest information on facebook and decided to enter the team.  Once they found out they were accepted into the competition, the battle was on.  They started asking friends and family to like their picture and share to get the most likes to be in the top five teams to be considered for the prize of new mats for the team and cash for the Denfeld Athletics Department.  With continued financial cuts in most school districts, money for extra curricular activities is almost non-existent. The athletes, the team and the sport will benefit greatly from winning this contest.

In Jenna's application she wrote:

"My name is Jenna and I attend Denfeld High School in Duluth, Minnesota.  If my school were to win the mats or cash option, I believe they would put the money towards all the sports at our school. We don't always get a lot of funding for our teams here.  I know for sure our cheer team could use the money and mats! The girls on our team have to pay for almost everything because we do not get a lot of funding. Some things include uniforms, poms, cheer camp, warmups, etc. You name it.  We would be so extremely grateful to receive a prize like this for our cheer team and athletic department.  We also don't have too many mats to use on the cheer team because they're not the cheapest to buy. The ones that we do have are pretty old. New mats would be so awesome for us to use and we would take great advantage of them!"

Stephanie Reinsch-Peterson, Denfeld's Head Cheer Coach says, " The Denfeld Cheer Team is a group of young ladies who never cease to amaze me with their dedication, strength and willingness to go the extra mile to obtain their goals. They work hard at everything they do. They are a great group of young ladies."  

A big thank you goes out to all who liked their page and shared to ensure their win!  Kudos to Jenna for seeing an opportunity and seizing it.  Congratulations to the team, their encouragement to others and dedication to succeed paid off!

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