I have heard about 3D printers and am amazed at what they can make, but have never understood how.  When I read that they now have a printer that can make a pizza I decided it needed to be researched further and turned to the Fab Lab at Denfeld High School and the instructor, Kevin Chederquist for answers.

What exactly is a Fab Lab?  The abbreviation stands for Fabrication Lab and is described as a small-scale workshop that students can do digital fabrication.  All aspects are represented at Denfeld's Fab Lab, routers, plasma torches, lathes, welding, milling machines and more.

Students are challenged to identify a need, research how to address that need, design their concept via computer and then design or sketch their prototype that they create.  Then they need to test and evaluate that it's going to work then communicate the results to determine if it needs to be redesigned.  It gives those that are considering jobs that use these machine a chance to decide if it's what they would like to do for a future career.

Kevin Chederquist takes us through the process from concept, to design to finished product.  It's pretty amazing how far education has come from my days in shop class.  In the future they plan on opening classes to the community.  For more information you can contact Kevin Chederquist at:  kevin.chederquist@isd709.org.

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