Airline Security Now Includes A Stroll Past A Police K-9
I've traveled quite a bit and have been subjected to many airline security measures.  I understand that the ways of the world is why we now have to walk through a metal detector, send our purses, murses and laptops through an x-ray machine and yes, now be sniffed by a dog.
When Did Personal Travel Pillows Become So Trendy
The last time I flew was to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and that was when I purchased my first U-shaped travel pillow.  Last week while we were walking through the airport I noticed that almost everyone had a travel pillow.  It was either around their neck, tied to their car…
Passenger Jet Lands Without Landing Gear [VIDEO]
Have you seen the advertisement where the plane comes in for a landing and a truck drives in and saves the day, acting as a landing gear?  Well what a coincidence.  I just found this video that happened recently.  No, there is no truck coming to the rescue (a truck could never handle …
Richard Simmons Stars In Airline Safety Video!
For the first time on a flight last week I got the safety instructions before takeoff  from a video and not from the flight attendants.  It was nothing like this and I actually chuckled when I watched this real life safety video from Air New Zealand starting Richard Simmons.