With all the costs and delays that we encounter at the Airport, this new report is delivered to the American public and I am angry. U.S. airlines bring in more revenue from fees for bags and other products and services than do the world’s other carriers, a new report released today reveals.

According to the USA Today and ABCnews.com United, Delta and American finished in the top three — each generating billions in ancillary revenue outside airfares last year, according to the report by IdeaWorks, a consultant specializing in ancillary revenue and brand development.

The report analyzed financial filings of 50 airlines worldwide and found they combined to bring in $22.6 billion of ancillary revenue last year.

“It’s clear that airlines recognize the importance of ancillary revenue and are developing increasingly innovative ways to generate it,” says IdeaWorks President Jay Sorensen.

So, here’s my advice to the airlines. You make enough money from us, how about a little customer service and humanity to us when we travel. If you went to a restaurant and were treated as badly as you treat us, you would expect to have a free meal. So, let’s get our act together. If not, you don’t deserve to charge us for “services”.

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