The move to define Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers emergency powers is spurring local action.  The Superior City Council will take up the issue of whether or not to put a citywide mask mandate back in place during their regular meeting on Tuesday, February 2.  If the citywide mask mandate passes, it would stand in place of the state order from the Evers administration.

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Wisconsin lawmakers have placed Evers emergency powers in their crosshairs - deliberating on whether or not he has overstepped his boundaries.  They placed a repeal to his statewide mask mandate on the agenda for a vote.  According to news sources:

"The state Senate voted 18-13 in favor of ending the emergency order on....January 26, arguing that Evers overstepped his authority with the repeated extensions of the declaration.  The state Assembly was expected to vote on the resolution [on February 4], but pulled it when officials learned that striking down the order would cost the state millions in federal support for food aid."

In advance of the pause on the action at the state level, Superior Mayor Jim Paine moved to take action on the local front.  He added the vote to the council's agenda.  He believes that even though the state hasn't repealed it - the local vote is a good thing:

"The Assembly didn't vote that resolution down, they postponed it.  So they could bring it back at any time and end both the state emergency and the mask mandate whenever they feel like it.  So under a very large cloud of uncertainty, I think it's best that we bring ours back."

If the Superior City Council approves a mask mandate, it would be in effect until they rescind it.  Last year, the council voted to approved a citywide mask mandate in July that lasted until it expired on September 25. The council left it to expire due to the statewide order from Evers.

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