The Superior Police Department needs your help.

They are looking for a woman in a photo in relation to a theft involving an elderly person in Superior.

The photo below was posted to their Facebook page Tuesday morning, along with a message asking if the public knows the female in question.

Courtesy of Superior Police Department
Courtesy of Superior Police Department

She is wearing a grey sweatshirt with a Vikings logo on in the photo. According to the post, the woman may have ties to the Iron River area.

This photo isn't too grainy and it is definitely possible to identify her using the picture.

The Superior Police Department did not mention where this photo was taken but from the looks of it, it appears to be a gas station.

If you have any information regarding the photo or believe you may know who the woman is, you are asked to call Detective Moe at 715-395-7678.

You can also message their Facebook page with more information.

Spread the word and share the photo so police can solve this crime.

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