We have never been more thankful for summertime than we were this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After being cooped up in our houses for a few months quarantining, the sunshine and being able to head outdoors was just what we needed.

As 2020 would have it, it wasn't just any regular summer in the Northland. It also happened to be one of the hottest on record!

The National Weather Service of Duluth shared this news on Tuesday (September 1st), writing that this summer was the second warmest on record for the Duluth area. Wow! According to their calculation, our average summertime temperature this year was about 67 degrees.

The warmest summer Duluth has had was back in 2012, where the average summertime temp was less than half a degree warmer than what we saw this summer! As mentioned above, other areas in Northern Minnesota also had warm summers, like International Falls and Hibbing.

I hope you soaked in all that sunshine while you could because it looks like fall temperatures are here to stay. The Old Farmer's Almanac released their predictions for the month of September, and the average temperature is predicted to fall into the 50s. Brrrrrr!

We should also mention that September is the month we typically see our first frost in the Duluth area. According to the National Weather Service, it doesn't usually happen until the end of the month but it still pretty much means summer in the Northland is over. I guess we will just be happy we got a beautiful summer!

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