With media coverage, Facebook, Twitter, and everything else, you would believe that mass shootings at schools were increasing at an alarming rate.  That doesn't appear to be the case according to a new study that shows that schools are safer than ever.  Can you believe that?

The race for ratings, clicks, views, impressions, and reach has drove the media to sensationalize every violent act in school.  This sensationalism isn't anything new, but the way it spreads like wildfire across the internet is definitely changing the reality of the situation.

Yes, not a single child should die in school.  I have been deeply affected by the images and disturbed by the violence that exists in the world.  I too, believed until I read this article that schools were more dangerous than ever. Especially when teens make threats, such as the one made yesterday right here in Duluth.

That's just not the case.  So while this study shouldn't prevent us from doing everything we can to keep our kids safe, maybe it will help us understand that the world isn't quite as dire as it seems on our news feed.

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