What an exciting time to be a Minnesotan! You probably know by now that a famous television star is filming a movie in Minnesota. Now, he was spotted on set for the first time.

Minnesota has been a hot spot for movies and celebrities lately it seems. A famous television and movie star named Katie Lowes was in downtown Duluth for a bit recently, filming a Christmas movie in the area.

She seemed to take advantage of filming in beautiful Duluth and stopped by Duluth Candy Co. to buy sweets and treats for her crew and was also spotted at a local brewery. The film is called Merry Kiss Cam and is one of a handful filmed in the area lately.

Lady Gaga was also rumored to be spending time in Appleton, Wisconsin earlier this month. Rumor has it that her boyfriend is from there and the two hung out in the area, eating at a local chain restaurant and drinking coffee at a local spot.

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Now, it's Minnesota turn for some celebrity action once again. Fans of Stranger Things went wild earlier this month when news broke that one of the main stars of the franchise would be shooting a movie here.

Joe Keery shot to fame when the first season of the show came out on Netflix years ago and now with part of the latest season out, the fame isn't going away any time soon. Rightfully so, Minnesotans were ecstatic when the news came out.

Now we have the first look at the actor on set. The film is being shot in the city of Jordan, which is a few hour drive from the Twin Ports. They must have just had their first day of filming because I saw a bunch of friends from the area posting pictures watching the movie being filmed, which was pretty cool.

The City of Jordan also shared some fun photos on their social media pages on Monday (June 20th) for those of us that couldn't be there to watch in person. In the photos, you can see the Stranger Things star and a few other actors you can't make out.

In the photos, Joe is rocking some long hair and a yellow Hawaiian sweatshirt. In most of the photos, he is seen waving at the crowd of adoring fans that gathered. In others, he is all character, running about and saying lines.

The film is called Marmalade and is described as a dark comedy. I am really excited to see! Fans of Stranger Things will be excited as well. I can't lie - I have only seen one season but from what I have been hearing about the latest season, I may need to start up again.

There is no word on when the movie will come out but let's hope next time they film a little closer to Duluth. We won't be greedy, though.

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