When in Minnesota, do as the Minnesotans do.

St. Paul isn't home to the big game come February but the city is banking on lots of visitors spilling over from Minneapolis that weekend. The city has big plans to entertain and entice visitors to stop by. All of the activities will surely give tourists the Minnesota experience.

For starters, the Super Bowl coincides with St. Paul's annual Winter Carnival. The plan is to extend it so football fans new to the area can experience it. The celebration will span 17 days, ending well after the big game. At the carnival, you can meet and greet Olympic medalists, visit the ice sculpture garden and take part in a hot dish competition.

Another fun incentive to hit the city? A giant, snow slide. The city said in a press conference that this is one of the big ways they are hoping to draw visitors in from Minneapolis.

Riders will start the fun at the top of the Securian Club at CHS Field. They will ride a rubber sled about 40-feet from there to the field.

Other fun events? Ice fishing, several parades, a treasure hunt, a night market and lawn mower races, just to name a few.

If you come here for the Super Bowl, why not get the full Minnesota experience while you're at it?




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