I'm a beer drinker.  I'm also a whiskey/gin/scotch/rum/tequila/wine etc drinker.  OK, let's just say I've tried just about everything.  The point is I don't drink beer exclusively, but I drink it enough to know a great beer when I taste one.  Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing is definitely a great beer, perhaps my new favorite.When I first saw Spotted Cow on tap at my local bar, I thought to myself, "That looks pretty strange.  Spotted Cow?  What is it, beer milk?"

The name did it's job, it caught my attention.  I ordered myself a glass.  Which in case your wondering, is the proper way to drink beer.  I cautiously took the first sip.  I was afraid it would be one of those really hoppy, bitter beers, of which I'm not a fan.  The first sip was pretty good.  You could tell it was an ale, but just barely.  Not too hoppy, not too bland.  It was the perfect mixture!

That glass of beer lasted only a few minutes.  It was so smooth and rich!  There's just a small tiny hint of fruitiness that makes the beer easier to drink.  I DO NOT like fruity beers, in fact I despise them.  However this beer wouldn't be the same without that little, subtle, hint.

From that day on, I keep a six pack of Spotted Cow in the fridge, and we respect it.  We never drink a spotted cow after we've had several other drinks.  That would be considered wasting it.  A spotted cow should be enjoyed with a clear mind, so you can appreciate every drop.